Monday, July 22, 2013

Busy busy life

Life has been so hectic, I just haven't had time to post! But as of this morning I was 262.8!! I had a fill last Wednesday. I know have 5cc's in my band. I can tell, but in a very good way. NSV:  when I went to the waiting room at the surgeon, I can sit in the regular people chairs! So exciting! 

This first picture is May 1, 2013. The second picture is July 10, 2013. 

I really have to kick it into gear, because me in laws are taking my husband and I to Panama City Beach the week of Labor Day. My goal is to lose 20lbs by then.

Another NSV and TMI, my husband said when we lay down, his arm feels weird, because its not as high up because my hips have shrunk! 

Now, time for more pictures!
These were on July 4th. I can already tell the difference in my face since then!